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Ready to Run with Rocketts

Post Date: 10-03-2010

After participating last year, I have to say that this race is unlike any others in Richmond. The course alone is truly unique - winding through historic neighborhoods and cobblestone streets over steep hills (Powhatan, Potomac and Libby Hills) along the city's scenic riverfront - and, the after-race party is one of the best in town with great refreshments, live music and a unique, alternative health fair.

Breakfast within a Day's Drive of Rocketts Landing

Post Date: 09-26-2010

As I got deeper into my search, I was reminded that Virginia is a state full of so much natural, cultural and historical diversity. On one end, you have mountains, and on the other, you have beaches and ocean. It was hard to decide in which direction I should go.

A Richmond Safari

Post Date: 09-14-2010

Often I stroll along the Rocketts Landing Marina enjoying the wonderful views of Richmond's downtown skyline and the beauty of the James River, but I am the first to admit that I rarely think of, or appreciate, the unique wildlife and individual natural eco-communities existing within this same environment along the river. This past week, I decided it was time to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor opportunities around me. It was time to explore.With a little research and suggestions from...

A Fun Farewell to Summer

Post Date: 09-07-2010

This past Labor Day weekend marked the end of the pool season, and for many, it also signaled the end of summer. To take advantage of the long holiday weekend and the last few days of summer sun, I decided to pull out my beach bag, sunscreen and bathing suit cover-up and head to one of Rocketts great amenities, the riverfront pool and pool house.I was excited to see so many Rocketts friends and familiar faces relaxing by the pool, sharing drinks and reminiscing about this summer’s pool partie...

Offices Work at Rocketts

Post Date: 08-24-2010

When you hear about Rocketts Landing, you might think about riverfront homes, great outdoor events or even boats floating along the James. However, for many business-minded individuals, Rocketts is also a place of livelihood and productivity - a place to work.With the riverfront views, the close proximity to downtown and the wonderful community of surrounding residents and potential customers, Rocketts is the neighborhood where some of Richmond’s prominent business owners are looking for an e...

Sampling Shockoe’s Food and Community

Post Date: 08-15-2010

This past week, a new and exciting dining event, "Sampling Shockoe" took place right around the corner from Rocketts Landing, AND if you missed it, please let me assure you will want to mark your calendars for next year.

A "Sky Line" View of the Dragon Boat Race

Post Date: 08-02-2010

The world's fastest growing water sport?When I first read this bold statement - "the world's fastest growing water sport" - I have to be honest. I had my doubts. But after attending Richmond's first annual Dragon Boat Race at Rocketts Landing this past Saturday, I am a firm believer. Let me set the scene.Sunshine and water. Families, dogs and children. Men, women and teenagers in matching crew uniforms― all different ages and ethnicities. Food, drinks and tents. Drums beating. Crowds cheering...