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Sampling Shockoe’s Food and Community

Post Date: 08-15-2010

This past week, a new and exciting dining event, "Sampling Shockoe" took place right around the corner from Rocketts Landing, AND if you missed it, please let me assure you will want to mark your calendars for next year.

A "Sky Line" View of the Dragon Boat Race

Post Date: 08-02-2010

The world's fastest growing water sport?When I first read this bold statement - "the world's fastest growing water sport" - I have to be honest. I had my doubts. But after attending Richmond's first annual Dragon Boat Race at Rocketts Landing this past Saturday, I am a firm believer. Let me set the scene.Sunshine and water. Families, dogs and children. Men, women and teenagers in matching crew uniforms― all different ages and ethnicities. Food, drinks and tents. Drums beating. Crowds cheering...