Brought to you by the following forward thinkers.

The Rocketts Landing team includes nationally-recognized leaders in "New Urbanism" smart growth, where higher density developments are favored over classic suburban sprawl. The goal of new urbanism is to create traditional walking communities, much like our traditional city centers while maximizing open space.

Jason Vickers-Smith
Partner, The WVS Companies
Vickers-Smith serves as the Chief Operating Officer of The WVS Companies. He has played a significant role in major infrastructure projects, including the $350 million Belmont Bay project, which includes condominiums and a marina, in the Occoquan area of Northern Virginia. He received his B.S. in engineering from Duke University and his MBA from Oxford.

Richard Souter
Partner, The WVS Companies
Souter’s responsibilities include all aspects of managing development, including zoning, design, finance and construction. He has a BSE from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and an MBA from Oxford University, England.

Saunders and Crouse
Project Architects
Working closely with community officials and residents, Saunders and Crouse offers urban planning and design services that help communities honor their heritage and create an environment for a bright future.

Design Physics

Since designing successful condominiums at Belmont Bay, this Richmond-based firm now brings their innovative, sophisticated and functional designs to Rocketts Landing's first waterfront condominium buildings, Fall Line and Sky Line, as well as the ultra-luxurious Riverbank Terraces townhomes.