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James River Association Rocks the River at Rocketts Landing

Post Date: 04-21-2014

Boy, oh boy — what an effect location can make on a business! When RVA-based nonprofit James River Association decided to move their headquarters from downtown to Rocketts Landing, they knew their immediate James River proximity would be a perfect fit. But, fast forward to spring 2014, and their new location has already become a defining factor enabling them to create greater impact and outreach. From office expansions to river trips to "store front" walk-ins and beyond, James River Associati...

Rocketts Art Studios Features New Work and Open House

Post Date: 04-19-2014

Looking to explore some locally made art near the James River? Rocketts Landing's most recent art-focused business, Rocketts Arts Studios (RAS), blends an artist's working art studio with a gallery-feel featuring rotating exhibits of various art forms. Their current exhibit, "On a Minimal Day," features the newest artwork by RAS-based artist Diane Clement, as well as claywork by David Cambden. Pairing Clement's vibrant abstract works with Cambden's grounded, textured claywork offers visitors ...

Enjoy Easter Sunday Brunch at The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing

Post Date: 04-16-2014

Somehow, we're already halfway through April — which means Easter is right around the corner! Fortunately, The Boathouse chefs don't miss a beat and are ready to help you and your family enjoy a full, delectable Easter brunch buffet. And with sunshine and warmer weather forecasted to round out the weekend, daylong Easter celebrations easily await you at Rocketts Landing.

Rocketts Landing Brings a Family Closer to the River — and Each Other

Post Date: 04-10-2014

When Sharon Pickard’s mother moved from Florida to an Assisted Living facility in Bon Air (Southside Richmond), she and her husband Tom spent countless hours driving up-and-down I-95 visiting her from their home in Princeton, N.J. But, when their highway-commute became too much, they decided that a move closer to her family in Richmond was due — and after one visit to Rocketts Landing, they found their new home.

A Rundown of Rocketts Landing Happenings This Week

Post Date: 04-08-2014

Warmer weather is here — and so is the bustling action that springtime brings Rocketts Landing. We always love this time of year: people enjoying river activities again, restaurant patios filling with patrons, beach volleyball games ramping up along the riverbank, etc. So, if you’re looking for something to do once your workdays wind down, then check out what’s happening this week right around the river at Rocketts Landing!

Carefree Boat Club Opens for Season on April 15

Post Date: 04-04-2014

Get ready, RVA! James River action is truly ramping up this month at Rocketts Landing. Not only has rowing season begun, but boating is also awakening with spring’s arrival! And for those of you who like to go boating but don’t own your own vessel, the Carefree Boat Club is ready to help you get out on the water and make the most of your river adventures.

Rowing Season at Rocketts Landing Is Here!

Post Date: 04-02-2014

Rowing on the James River has a rich history at Rocketts Landing. Since the 19th century, rowers from across the region have descended upon our neighborhood to enjoy friendly athleticism, competition and camaraderie. And with spring’s arrival, rowing season has finally awakened on the James River — and we love seeing the action right outside of our doorsteps!

2015 Road Race Will Zoom Right By Rocketts Landing

Post Date: 03-28-2014

Ever since Richmond was selected to host the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, RVA’s been all abuzz with excitement. Already, the city’s working hard to prepare for the global audience — both physical and virtual — that will descend upon us. And, at Rocketts Landing, we’re certainly thrilled for the action. Not only because we’ll get to watch an esteemed race right here in our fair city, but also because UCI will zoom right by Rocketts Landing!

Spring Into Richmond City Parks Near Rocketts Landing

Post Date: 03-21-2014

Spring has finally arrived, which (hopefully!) means more sunshine and recreation-filled days in the great outdoors. Fortunately, when we want to get out and enjoy the weather, not only do we have many ways to stay active right here along the river at Rocketts Landing— RVA’s vast park system surrounds us. From exploring Richmond’s rich history, skyline views, athletic courses and beyond, we have plenty of ways to recreate right around the river.

Rocketts Landing Website Features New Interactive Map

Post Date: 03-18-2014

Great news, friends! Discovering and uncovering the Rocketts Landing way of life down along the James River is easier than ever. Our newly redesigned website now offers an even deeper ability to engage with us online and share community information with you. Through our new interactive website map, you have another useful tool for locating and learning about the homes, businesses, events and beyond that find their home at Rocketts Landing.