Right Around the River Blog

A Fun Farewell to Summer

Post Date: 09-07-2010

This past Labor Day weekend marked the end of the pool season, and for many, it also signaled the end of summer. To take advantage of the long holiday weekend and the last few days of summer sun, I decided to pull out my beach bag, sunscreen and bathing suit cover-up and head to one of Rocketts great amenities, the riverfront pool and pool house.

I was excited to see so many Rocketts friends and familiar faces relaxing by the pool, sharing drinks and reminiscing about this summer’s pool parties and weekends. While the discussion was light-hearted and full of laughter, we were all a little sad to see the season end.

Jeff Satterthwaite, a three-year resident of Rocketts’ Cedar Works building, did not miss a weekend at the pool this year. “With a great view of the river and a wonderful group of “regulars,” I could not imagine missing out on spending quality time with my neighbors. I have developed so many wonderful friendships, and not to mention a great tan,” joked Jason.

Emily Mitchell, the pool lifeguard, joined in the conversation. “I love working at this pool,” she said with a smile. “The atmosphere and sense of community are unlike anything I have witnessed at other neighborhood pools. Immediately, you feel part of the group – every weekend.”

I know I did! We talked about everything from grandchildren to upcoming workweeks. We shared snacks, beverages and even sunscreen. With all the great conversations, I lost track of time.

With a little too much sun and red skin beginning to show, I decided it was time to say goodbye to my friends and to the Rocketts pool season. I was sad to leave, but I was reassured by a question from one of the Rocketts Fall Line residents, “Who wants to plan a get-together this fall?”

Did someone say “football” or “apple pie?”