Richmond’s riverfront neighborhood. Home to families, professionals, restaurants, businesses, herons and bald eagles.

Welcome to the edge of the city and the banks of the James. Rocketts Landing is your urban natural escape. Come here for dinner, kayaking or a miles-long bike ride, and there’s a good chance you’ll want to stay forever. (Fortunately, we have awesome homes for sale and for rent.)

Rocketts Landing is the modern rebirth of a port city settled centuries ago. Today, it’s home to the Capital Trail bike trail, stellar riverfront restaurants, a thriving business district and more than 600 households. Rocketts is a testament to new urbanism, a place where you can work, play and live without ever getting in a car. We’re five minutes from downtown Richmond. We’re on the GRTC bus rapid transit system. And we’re miles and miles away from the expected. Hear our story.