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Offices Work at Rocketts

Post Date: 08-24-2010

When you hear about Rocketts Landing, you might think about riverfront homes, great outdoor events or even boats floating along the James. However, for many business-minded individuals, Rocketts is also a place of livelihood and productivity - a place to work.

With the riverfront views, the close proximity to downtown and the wonderful community of surrounding residents and potential customers, Rocketts is the neighborhood where some of Richmond’s prominent business owners are looking for an exciting, evolving professional atmosphere.

This past week at 210 Rock, I was able to witness a typical workday. Pureculture, one of the companies located at Rocketts, was busy pitching new business ideas, working on client videos and performing other necessary tasks of a typical workday. Business was booming.

I was fortunate to grab Bob Kelley, Founder and President of Mediapond and Pureculture, in the midst of his hectic schedule. As a new 210 Rock tenant who entered into the neighborhood this summer, he was not shy about his satisfaction with the property and his decision to bring his business to Rocketts.

“There is so much positive energy in this tight-knit community,” voiced Kelley. “I feel like my business is in the center of activity and excitement, but then I am reminded by the scenic view that I am only seconds from the river and only minutes from downtown.”

He was even more passionate to share his experience moving in and working with the Rocketts management team. “From the moment we stepped foot into 210 Rock (one of Rocketts’ retail and residential buildings), they were so accommodating and made us feel extremely welcome. He also shared that within just the last two months the activity and liveliness of the neighborhood have increased, and he believes the area will continue to support major economic growth and development for the city.

With this momentum building, I cannot wait to see what comes next.