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A "Sky Line" View of the Dragon Boat Race

Post Date: 08-02-2010

The world's fastest growing water sport?

When I first read this bold statement - "the world's fastest growing water sport" - I have to be honest. I had my doubts. But after attending Richmond's first annual Dragon Boat Race at Rocketts Landing this past Saturday, I am a firm believer. Let me set the scene.

Sunshine and water. Families, dogs and children. Men, women and teenagers in matching crew uniforms― all different ages and ethnicities. Food, drinks and tents. Drums beating. Crowds cheering. Friends laughing.

As an advocate of Rocketts Landing and the surrounding natural beauty of the river, I was extremely excited that the event brought out so many people ― especially those who have probably never been to Rocketts Landing or witnessed what amazing amenities it has to offer.

However, what was even more exciting and unique, for that matter, (and the highlight of my day) was the fact that I was invited to watch part of the day’s festivities from the balcony of a top-floor condo in Rocketts Landing’s Sky Line building.


Judy Arenstein, a two-year homeowner at Rocketts Landing, just raved about the unique experiences, like the Dragon Boat race, that she has along the river almost every day. “The view is beautiful, and I feel like I am in the middle of everything,” she told me. Her grandchildren love coming to visit, and I can definitely see why.

Thanks to Judy, I was able to get some great food, learn more about the Dragon Boat culture between the boat races, enjoy the incredible view, talk with Judy’s friends and fellow neighbors (Ray Inscoe, three-year resident pictured below) , and hear the reason why Ray decided to move into Rocketts along some other neighbors.

“My children had left for college and we lived in the suburbs,” explained Ray. “I wanted something special and when I found Rocketts, I could not pass it up.” Once again, I can see why.

Once the drumming, racing and excitement began to die down, I thanked all the Rocketts residents and friends (and the Judy’s cat, Toby) for showing me a great time, hospitality (and view).

While I will definitely check the Internet occasionally to learn more about the Dragon Boat culture and where the next race may be, I will definitely keep checking back at Rocketts Landing for more unique events to attend. I may even stop by and check in with my new friends, Judy and Ray, to get firsthand accounts of the exciting developments taking place just outside downtown Richmond.