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Cedar Works Lobby Features Local Artists at Rocketts Landing

Post Date: 05-11-2011

Enter the Cedar Works building at Rocketts Landing and you'll find more than a lobby -- instead, the space has been transformed into the Cedar Works Art Gallery. Unique to the building, the art gallery is curated by Richmond-native Meredith Timberlake, the daughter of two Cedar Works residents.

Meredith's idea to run an art gallery in the Cedar Works lobby started after seeing the inviting walls every time she visited her parents, who've lived here since the building opened. So, as a former professional curator with a full-time gig as Director of Art at The Children's Museum, she was inspired to enhance the already attractively decorated lobby. After submitting a proposal to the Cedar Works Board with her plan, the Cedar Works Art Gallery was born.

Cedar Works Art Gallery, Rocketts Landing, Richmond, Virginia

The gallery’s been open for just under a year and rotates a variety of art every three months, from landscape paintings to abstracts to photography. Meredith kicks off each show with an invitation-only cocktail reception, featuring wine and hors d’oeuvres. She says the reception offers residents a chance to meet the showcased artists, while providing them with an intimate gathering for socializing with neighbors — and our residents do love to socialize!

Cedar Works Art Gallery, Rocketts Landing, Richmond, Virginia

To Meredith, the gallery is just as much about offering residents a unique, inspiring ambience as helping local artists sell their work. These aren’t novice artists, either. The Cedar Works Art Gallery features only established artists with a solid resume and portfolio. And yes, residents are definitely buying the artwork.

Cedar Works Art Gallery, Rocketts Landing, Richmond, Virginia

This month, she’s rotating the show and featuring two Cedar Works residents: abstract painter Jim Timberlake (her father) and photographer Jeff Satterthwaite. The show marks the first time a photographer and painter are featured side-by-side — and we couldn’t be more excited for the challenge.

If you’re an artist interested to display your work in the Cedar Works gallery, email Meredith today.